Quality Of Service

Quality Of Service

Petro Sanat Arvand guarantee that cover all attitude settings client choice that are consistent with related standards.

Quality management and approaches system has described in regulation that present effective arrangement of interested party’s activities.

Quality management in Petro Sanat Arvand is rested based on comprehensive quality management with new observation to competency improve and flexibility in organization and its first purpose, engaging all workers in group working is in order to eliminating errors and preventing of damages. In fact, organizational culture guarantee that tasks has done appropriate at first step.

During all steps, Quality management system, are accomplished based on codified applications and established based of world standards and its main parts are planning management, control and quality warrantee. this system has certain approaches and purposes in order to it was possible to create necessary fields of making efficient enormous purposes .

Quality management system based on following parts:

process that we sure that by implementing it project meets described quality requirements: